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Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear - The Musical!

The National Theatre, London

Project Draughtsperson

Who likes bears? Everyone likes bears! Well, not quite everyone... Mr Gum is a complete horror who hates children, animals and fun of any kind – so when a big bear called Padlock strolls into town, trouble can’t be far off. Can nine-year-old Polly and her band of misfit friends help Padlock escape the villain’s evil clutches? Or will Mr Gum and his gruesome butcher sidekick prevail?

National Theatre - 2019

Nominated for an Olivier Award for Best Family Show 2020

  • Writer - Andy Stanton

  • Composer - James Fortune  

  • Director - Amy Hodge

  • Designer  - Georgia Lowe

  • Musical - Director Tarek Merchant 

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